TapIt Inc. Solution Modules

TapIt FrontDesk

A quick check-in sets the mood for your event.TapIt is able to provide a best-in-class check-in experience because we’ve taken the lessons from our past 10+ years of event experience and built the system we always wanted.

Put the power of event coordination back in the hands of the organizers. TapIt will help take care of the FrontDesk Check-In Details.

TapIt ZoneControl

Maximizing revenue means selling different options for people of different needs. However that creates a burden on your staff when trying to decide whether or not to admit someone.

TapIt ZoneControl allows quick identification of whether a guest should be admitted into a certain area.

Gone are the days of arguments while holding up the line, or admitting someone accidentally due fear of misunderstanding.

Our Red-Light / Green-Light system makes it easy.

TapIt CostControl

Ensure that each guest is able to only get the items they are assigned.

Whether you distribute meals, or medium value take-home bags, TapIt CostControl ensures staff clearly understand when they should, and when they should not distribute an item.

Utilizing TapIt CostControl, our customers save thousands of dollars each year by eliminating excess food production and waste.

As a bonus, we can even help you detect if your vendors are shorting you deliverables.

TapIt Point of Sales

Thousands of cups of Coffee and Beer flow through our TapIt Point of Sales each year.

Maximize your revenue by ensuring that payment is quick so that your line continues moving.

If you have events where wallets are inconvenient, you need TapIt Point of Sales to maximize your revenue.

TapIt RoomControl

If your event requires you to manage room assignments or shared key access, TapIt RoomControl can take a huge burden off your hands.

We virtually eliminate questions such as “who has the key?” or “what room am I in?”

TapIt MealControl

As your event grows, you may begin to serve different types of food. A common option is “Regular” and “Vegetarian” or “Vegan”.

Since specialty diet meals are often limited, it is important that only guests who pre-order meals receive those special diet meals.

TapIt MealControl has eliminated vocal complaints from hungry people at many events. We can help your event too!

TapIt TableControl

Events today are more dynamic than ever. With last minute changes and the need to provide premium seating to VIPs, TapIt TableControl can help you ensure that guests are guided to the correct tables in an orderly fashion.

TapIt Track

TapIt Track helps you track items the way shippers track your package.

Do you have high value items that just can’t be lost? How about trying to locate a VIP?

TapIt Track ensures you have the tools to stay on top.

TapIt Custom Solutions

Do you need something that you don’t see here? Let us know.

TapIt engineers have provided custom solutions to companies for decades.

Why TapIt?

“In 2013 we suddenly found ourselves crushed under the weight of our own success.  We could no longer handle the number of people who wanted to attend our events.Since 2014, TapIt has helped us continue being the top event in Asia by reducing our costs of operation and increasing customer satisfaction. “ — Kim, Kangseok – Camp Swing It Organizer

“The 65th Miss Universe is no time for risk. We chose TapIt as our tool to ensure our event ran smoothly despite rapidly changing requirements. TapIt Delivered as promised.” — Arthur Lo, Corporate Liaison Officer – Jpark Island Resort

TapIt Inc. Corporate Profile

TapIt Inc. specializes in streamlining business processes with the goal of maximizing profits while minimizing waste costs.

While many of our customers simply enjoy using our products for their businesses, some of our customers work more closely, sometimes requesting custom built systems.

TapIt Inc. believes that when good businesses work together, the synergy is a force multiplier which opens new doors and opportunities for growth.